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Anyone interested in making a text adventure as a group?
Axipher, if you consider that "flaming", that means you were never truely flamed in this forum Wink

C'mon, take it easy. I can guarantee that reading "u" instead of "you" it's quite annoying. Really quite annoying, specially for us, non English speakers, 'cause we see a letter "U" which doesn't sound like "you" in most of our languages.

Spelling and grammar are important, really important, at least for me. And this time the main reason is not that there are many non English speakers around, but just that spelling and grammar have been ruled for something. It's easier to read, among other things.

You say you have very little time to spend in the forums. I'll tell you something: if you spend more time double-reading your posts to make sure they are correctly written, you'll refrain us from interpreting your post incorrectly. If you write it bad and we don't get it and reply something you don't need/you were not asking, you'll have to post again explaining yourself, and that will take way more time than just reviewing your original post for clarity.

I'm nobody to speak for grammar, as I tend to make lots of mistakes, but in my case it's understandable 'cause I began learning English when I was 10, and I haven't practiced much except from written stuff in forums and IM. But you are using your native language, so you should take care Smile
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