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QB Express lives! Issue #22 is here!
Quote:Letter From Eric Cowles aka 1000101
Mennonite wrote in QBE #21,

"i put this idea forward at a time when people are jumping out of line to disapprove of this or that... sometimes someone goes too, too far in attempting to destroy another person. actually, seph comes to mind, but there's no telling who i am referring to. you may think i am referring to pete, who felt compelled to trash seph personaly for whatever reason in qbe #20. i am of the impression (perhaps mistaken, to be sure!) that seph did nothing of any sort to pete... that pete only decided to trash seph as a bandwagon sort of thing- but perhaps seph, as i once did, managed to rub pete the wrong way in an email- i dont know. i could also be talking about z!re, in her inability to wish seph and his new family the best, only to take yet another opportunity to say he's essentially unfit to exist. i could be talking about that."
I feel that he unfairly accuses Z!re of being the purpotrator behind suggesting that seph shouldn't be running around bragging about procreating. I do recall that it was myself that posted first my disaproval of people with no firm grasp of reality and/or potential mential issues to work out of having kids. Not to mention the big thing of being just so young.

Now, on the flip side of that, I did congradulate Nekrophidius aka NecrosIhsan aka LostSock aka [fill in the blanks] and Rhiannon on having thier first daughter. But there is a world of difference between seph and Nek. Nek is older, more responsable (from everything I've garnered over the years of the two), more mentally stable (Nek has his moments, but then we all do. Seph, on the other hand rarely *doesn't* have his moments).

In any event, what I'm getting at is that he accused Z!re of flaming seph for this when I was the one who started it. He should at least get his facts straight before submitting a letter to you and your e-zine (gawd I hate the use of "e-" this and "i-" that) so that he doesn't look like more of a ripe turd then he already is. Further, from my stand point, and I'm sure the stand point of other more established members of the qmunity, his comments and thoughts on the subject and other subjects don't amount to a hill of beans as he lacks any credentials.

Z!re has been working for over a year on FV, cha0s has been working for over a year on LL, I've been working for over a year on GSG, many others have thier own projects but are equally respected but less vocal such as syn9. We and others all have been around for a long time and have done quite a few smaller things to earn our positions in the qmunity. Nek is one of the most respected members because of what he's done and his no-bs attitude. Z!re is gaining similar respect for much of the same reasons, however, she is a bit more brutish then Nek at times ;P cha0s, of all the people I respect in the qmunity, I have little negative to say about him. In fact, I can not think of a single instance where he didn't follow the old rule of, "if you can't think of something nice, don't say anything at all." I'm not saying that he hasn't bashed anyone, just that I can't think of a time.

To wrap this up, this is directed more at Mennonite and those others who don't get the whole "ranking" within this virtual community, it works like this: You start with nothing. Your opinions are worth that until you show you are a helpful and/or contributing member of the community. If you act like a childish n00b then you will be treated like a childish n00b. This is why seph is still nothing in the community. It's people who run the websites that allow us to congregate, people who produce useful programs to use, libraried to implement, provide helpful advice and solutions and/or games for us to play such as Nek (WOS), v1ctor (µGL, FBC), Blitz (µGL), cha0s (LL, lots of help on the forums), Z!re (FV), lillo (FL, FL2, Wetspot, lots more), Jorden ( and many more for what they have done and provided over the years. There is no leaders or rulers, only people that are respected and afforded thier eccentricities due to what they have accomplished and done.

Eric Cowles aka 1000101
Screwing with your reality since 1998.

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