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Forum converted to SMF
The forum has now been converted over from phpBB to SMF. It was converted due to SPAM problems. Please let me know what you think and if you have any problems.


You took my suggestion!

How was conversion? Easy?
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Great job, wildcard. I would like to offer a couple of suggestions for you as you get this new forum settled in.

In the Admin panel, go to "Current Theme" on the side menu and check "Enable Inline Links". This will make the top links similar to the way they were before.

For heightened security, go to "Registration" on the side menu, then "Settings". Beside "Complexity of visual verification image" is a dropdown list, select "High". This is impenetrable by virtually all known spambots, including the ones with OCR.

EDIT: Also, just so you know, the attachments directory is not presently writable, so avatars cannot be stored here at the moment.
Thanks for the suggestions, I've altered the text and enabled avatar uploading now. I am going to leave the captcha as is as the high level one might be too dificult to read, but if the spam bots get through I will then have to.

Cheers! This look gorgeous Smile

Let me reupload my good ol' avatar Smile
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It looks like the conversion cut off the first character of each person's signature. Well, conversions don't always get done flawlessly, and people can fix that themselves.

wildcard: It might be a good idea to do a forum post recount under the Forum Maintenance menu in the Admin panel.

EDIT: Hey, that was quick. Big Grin
Good. I am glad that it's been changed.
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(07-25-2007, 04:09 PM)na_th_an link Wrote:Let me reupload my good ol' avatar Smile

Glad to see Wonder Women (I think¿) back.  I uploaded a similar avatar to the one I used to have, a cartoon series I loved as a kid.

Eponasoft: I didn't directly do anything for the post recount, something indirectly must have triggered it or something, but its good to have it show correctly.

Wow! What a facelift!  :o

Not that I mean anything bad with that...
It looks better too!
y smiley is 24 bit.
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