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Forum converted to SMF
One thing I've noticed is that since the URL formatting is different on SMF versus PHPBB forums, any old links to specific forum posts at Qbasic News are dead.

Old URL:

New URL:

I wonder if there's anyway to make a little php app that figures out the proper post and converts the old PHPBB url into the SMF url?

Maybe it's not a huge deal to anyone else, but I've just been noticing in old issues of QB Express that just about every news entry links to a forum post here (or at, and it's really disappointing that all the links are broken...especially since the content is still here.
Pete's QB Site:
I've done a quick hack job so old topic s are redirected to their SMF but its only topics not individual posts.
Great!  Thanks a lot.
Pete's QB Site:
Nice work Wildcard! Smile Good to have things back to the way they were Wink

BTW the move to SMF seems to have eaten up the first character of everyone's sig Tongue

Welcome back TheBigBasicQ, its been a while!

Yeah its annoying that for some reason the conversion missed off the first character for some reason.
wooh. Looks nice. Breath of fresh air Tongue

Can't believe this forum is STILL up and RUNNING!

been few years since my last post here!

Good work guys!

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