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3D Art Challenge 2007: Shall we?

Been doing a lot of work with Blender of late, and I keep thinking of this old challenge. Anyway, I finally got an idea for something new if anyone is up for it.

Latest challenge: The idea is to model a PC case fan. Any size, shape, design, application, etc you want just as long as its a fan found inside a PC. Very easy challenge, tested to at least 1-2 hours needed to build such a thing.  Smile

* Must model a PC Case Fan of some sort.
* Must be done in 3D
* More than one render angle can be presented
* You can link to a model file, but it's not necessary

Dead Line:
Aug 27th (14 days from this post date)

My Entry:
Render #1:
[Image: 1829.jpg]
Render #2:
[Image: 1830.jpg]

Alternate/Optional Challenge:
I finally got high speed internet (After tracking down and pestering a company to come out here -_- ), so I'm able to upload my animations and view other peoples animations.

Anyway, you may wish to animate your case fan. You can do both challenges, or just the still rendered one (If you enter an animation, I'll expect a still entry also). The animations will be voted on separately as to be fare to those who can't or don't want to enter an animation.

My Entry:
(Right-Click "Save Link As" .... Then open the file in Firefox or any other browsers with Flash.)

Enjoy!  Smile
Kevin (x.t.r.GRAPHICS)

[Image: 11895-r.png]
Sure. These were always fun!  ;D
Ok, I made one... nothing special, but the blades look kinda futuristic or somrething.  ;P

[Image: 1846.png]

[Image: 1847.jpg]

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