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Sorry for being ignorant ( I have used FB for so long on a PC I forget all else) Is there anything like FB ( or FB itself) for the Apple Mac ?
Trying to respond to someones problem
Thanks Ray .
Depends on which Mac you're talking about.

Mac with OS/X I don't know.  I guess a port of FreeBasic could be possible.  but it might need a good rewrite of alot of inner things..  Macs with System 8 or less there's a QuickBasic 1.0 that can be found on the web somewhere.  it's like quickbasic, but it's for the Mac.  There's alot of different things on the mac. 

I tried it with a mac emulator here and it seems to work pretty good and give you a decent basic to work with, on older macs.

hen they say it can't be done, THAT's when they call me ;-).

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All about ASCII:
AFAIK they decided to write the compiler entirely in FreeBASIC, so porting is an absolute bitch, even to something so similar to Linux or Windows like eComStation and OS X (if OS X uses the particular executable style used by FreeBASIC, which is from my guess either ELF or a.out, then it is plausible that it might be compatible with OS X). If they stayed with C it probably wouldn't be locked onto other platforms. I'd hate to try to write a port for an operating system that lacks a CLI like Mac OS Classic, so I think that one would be a real tossup.

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^ Infrosoft - A wiki of source code, mostly in PHP and FreeBASIC - Your opinion matters no matter your OS
I don't know of any FB like compiler for the mac, but I've played around with RealBasic a tad.  You may be interested in looking at it. 

If you remember RapidQ (written by a famous QB programmer), he gave up RapidQ development to join the RealBasic team.  RB just didn't appeal very much to me, but it does seem like a solid language and has a dedicated following. There are also compiler versions for windows & Linux.
(08-18-2007, 05:54 PM)MystikShadows link Wrote:there's a QuickBasic 1.0 that can be found on the web somewhere.
MY QBASIC'S PAGE                                                  I ONLY USE WINDOWS 98SE

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