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Screen Saver
I was very glad to see from one of you guys that I can still write FB programs that will run on this fancy new Hanns-g 19 inch Flat screen monitor. So far as I can see none of my DOS programs now run, including QB if using any of the Graphic Screens. So if dear old FB can run on these new LCD monitors why cannot they make the monitors run ALL DOS software without the need to use DOSBOX, or ise there a simple program to cure this before running DOS programs?

So much for technology progress !!??!!

Here is a very simple Screen saver assuming there is still a point in blacking out most of the screen to preserve its life. Here you do not have ot wait for Windows to activate this one, and many screen savers are so elaborate it is doubfull if the do anyting to preserver the life of the monitor.

    REM Screen Saver

    SCREEN 9,,,1 : ok = 0 
WHILE ok = 0
col = INT(RND * 15) + 1
    COLOR col, 0:
    x = INT(RND*70)+5 : y = INT(RND*20)+2
    LOCATE y, x: PRINT " Screen Saver "
    LOCATE y+1, x: PRINT " Press a Key"
    IF INKEY$ <> "" THEN ok = 1
    SLEEP 2000 : CLS

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