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Submit to QB Express! (Issue #27 Deadline: March 1st)
I'm going to do my best to get QB Express back on its regular publication schedule, but for that to happen, I'm going to need submissions from YOU!

QB Express #27 deadline: March 1st, 2007

We need EVERYTHING -- tutorials, game reviews, articles, comics, editorials -- you name it!  Also, if you have any interesting news to report about your FB or QB projects, be sure to send it to us (ESPECIALLY if you have exclusive information or screenshots).

You can email all of your submissions to:

Thanks for the continued interest in QB Express!  We've had a tough time scrounging together enough content for the past few issues, so now more than ever, we depend on YOUR help.
Pete's QB Site:

We are hurting for articles at the moment... so far, I have received only the following:
  • -"Going Deep: Football and Graphics" - Mentat
    -"Commodore Wedge Reinvented" - Kiyote Wolf
    -"Using an Electric Field to Generate Plasmas" - Hezad
    -"CGI and QBasic" - samanddeanus
    -QBinux update - Seb McClouth
    -"Window Procedure" - Walter Samsa
    -Letter to the editor from MystikShadows

Some very good tutorials, but not a single ARTICLE, EDITORIAL, GAME REVIEW or COMIC.

I have also not received any NEWS BRIEFS or GALLERY SUBMISSIONS.

Please get your stuff in!

Also, if you have written any articles / tutorials over the past year that have not appeared in QB Express, we would love to reprint them!  Just send us a link.

All submissions can be sent to:
Pete's QB Site:

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