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The Qbasic Community says farewell to 'Qbasic Mac'.
The Qbasic scene lost perhaps its longest & strongest advocate last weekend. Hilliard Moffett McLamore, better known to programmers around the world as 'Qbasic Mac', died of cancer on June 14th, 2008 at his home in Vienna, Virginia USA.

For many years Mac devoted his time to helping countless people around the world learn how to program in Qbasic. He faithfully maintained the long running The Qbasic Forum and generously paid the fee to make it ad-free for all its visitors. There he constantly shared his wealth of programming knowledge to any and all who asked. He will be remembered for his talent, wit, and the great encouragement he gave to so many Qbasic users.

There is a Memorial/Tribute page set up providing more information about Mac, and to give those he helped a place to leave a message of appreciation.

Qbasic Mac Memorial:

- Dav
Sad to hear of his passing. He was a great contributor to the Qbasic world. He was knowledgeable helpful here and has some articles by him on the site.

Indeed, very sad news. May him rest in peace.
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