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???I am fairly new to quickbasic and i use the programme in school but i need some practice at home .I really think that some practice will do me well but when i extract the zipped files and i try to open them i get an error prompt reading

The parameter is incorrect
WTF do i do this is really annoying me

PS plz dont think im a computer retard because im not im sue the answer is simple but i just cant get it
HELP PLZ!! :o :-*
What files are zipped?
What OS are you using?
Is the error from the unzipper or QB?
WHILE RPG$ <> "complete" : make up silly excuses :WEND
I think you mean that when you try to start QB, you get an error from the "parameter" window?
if your qb.exe file is in the same folder as the other qb files leave the paremeter blank.
if it is in a different folder the paremeter should be the 8 character name of the location of the files.
WHILE RPG$ <> "complete" : make up silly excuses :WEND

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