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QB Express #30 needs submissions!
QB Express is still alive and well, but I need your help to keep it that way!

The deadline for QB Express #30 submissions is: November 10th, 2008

As always, we need tutorials, game reviews, articles, editorials, interviews, rants, raves and musings on all things QB and FB.  Also, I'm looking for games to feature in the Gallery, and News Briefs about anything that's happening in the QB and FB scene.  Don't be shy; the more submissions, the better!

You can send your stuff to:
Pete's QB Site:
Okay, the deadline has come and gone, and I only received a PATHETIC number of submissions so far.

I've decided to extend the deadline for one more week, until: NOVEMBER 20TH

The next issue will be out shortly thereafter -- that is, if I receive enough submissions.  So far, I've received only the following (along with a few newsbriefs):

Axieball 7 Review - Lachie Dazdarian
Conquest Preview - Smithcosoft

Dithering in EGA - Kiyotewolf
Spring Tutorial Pt3 - h4tt3n (still waiting on this)

Lachie Dazdarian
John from Michigan

Not good!  If any of you have some time, PLEASE write up a tutorial or an article.  Or, if you've written anything over the past few months

You can send them to:
Pete's QB Site:

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