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QB64 V0.81x released (Windows & Linux)
Two new versions of QB64 (the Qbasic compatible compiler) are released today just in time to do some holiday coding. For the first time a Linux version of QB64 is available.

New in this release is the intergrated "Classic" IDE, which looks & behaves very close to Qbasic itself. The IDE was made in QB64. Both Windows & Linux versions come with the IDE.

QB64 is a one-man project aimed at making a Qbasic compatible compiler that will produce EXE's that will run perfectly on modern computers.  Most of Qbasic commands are fully supported, making QB64 perhaps the most Qbasic compatible compiler out there. And Galleon has stated that in about a month the long awaited DRAW & PRINT USING commands will be added (most Qbasic code that fails to compile in QB64 now is because those are not yet supported).

For more information and a download link check out Galleons official QB64 release post at the QB64 project fourm:

- Dav
Just a small follow-up report on this release:

The IDE in this release should not be used in FullScreen when Compiling a program or it may freeze your computer (read all the update warnings on the download page).

Galleon has reportedly added PRINT USING support, clearing one of the last few hurdles left for real Qbasic compatibility.

- Dav

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