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A developing compiler written in C that will allow QB programs to run on 64 bit machines.  Try it out!

Get my QB demonstrator here:
finally,  been waiting awhile for something like this, damn my vista 64 bit os.
You are obviously not the only one that has been waiting for a truly compatible QB compiler that works in Vista. Even though QB64 is not yet completed the figures for new registrations are December 20, January 50 and to date February 86. Total registrations are now over 200.
QB64 also is working decently in Windows 7 Beta.  A few hangs now and then, but overall it works & compiles working progrs.
Good to know Dav!

I heard that QB works in the 7 beta also. Is that true?

Get my QB demonstrator here:
Sorry for this late reply, Clippy...

I've tested QB45 & PDS 7.1 under Win7.  Both will run, but Windows always complains when PDS starts. QB45 starts with no warning message.  All text mode commands that I've tested work, but when I try to use a SCREEN statement, like SCREEN 12, 13, etc.  Windows says this program can't be run under fullscreen, and closes the compilers.  However, I've read at the qbasic forums someone reported QB graphics commands work for him under win7.

QB64 is working well, but when compiling a program there are some freeze issues when the program & qb64 compiler are running at the same time.  If I don't close the compiled program first, or try to minimize it then win7 shoots fireworks!  After closing QB64 then there are no problems running a compiled program.

- Dav

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