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Quick Noob Question
Lets say i made a function something like this.

Function name
End function

How would i go about calling it later on?

If i'm not mistaken its the call command? But i can't seem to 'Call name'

Functions are normally not called. They are referred to in program statements and the return is used by the program just like any other function. There is not a CALL like SUB's use!
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So Functions arent used to display text? If thats the case, then how would i go about making a sub that can return a value? Or just hold a Global Variable and change it?
Well, they could display PRINTs of text, but usually you use a SUB for that. Functions receive parameters passed to them and return ONE result normally. I have seen functions return more than one value by using a parameter also.

SUBs can return multiple values and must be called.

A Function can use INPUT, PRINT, etc. It can also fill an array. The Function name returns the value desired. It can pass strings or any type of number.

FUNCTION Average!(num1%, num2%, num3%)
       sum% = num1% + num2% + num3%
       Average! = sum% / 3

PRINT "The average is:"; Average!(one%, two%, tre%)


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