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Diablo II fans?
Hello again, this is my new persona, as I was once known as Mr_Match in these parts back in the day.
Just got back into the Diablo 2 expansion, and I was wondering if any of you guys still had accounts?
US-EAST is what I play on, and if you're ever on, add PureNRG as a friend.

I got addicted to that game in three or four different spurts ever since it was first released. It's the reason my wrists are as bad as they are. Careful with that game...
am an asshole. Get used to it.
I've already gone through a few stages of being addicted for a few solid months straight ever since I've had it. I kind of lapse in and out of addiction over a period of every other month or so... but I welcome it back every time lol.
that game is the worst game
Helpful comment  Tongue
I don't have time for games. I'm just trying to make my mouse move half the time!  :o
Get my QB demonstrator here:

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