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Dear Mark,

Quit STEALING news from the site!

Grow up and give your site to somebody who cares about Qbasic. YOU DON"T!

The post you presently have about me was removed from this forum. He has not posted here since!

The imbicile who posted those remarks is a spammer! He is not a genius either apparently, as he hates Levitra LOL.


PS: Your Qmunity news link to here does not work either!
Get my QB demonstrator here:

Dear, Dr. Jekyll or Mr. Hyde:

Because some consents to the publicity of certain chemicals and other things, QbasicNews can become a supermarket, or Zoco a medieval market, where find all kinds of items "antigravitatory" to raise intelligence.

Good bye, Dr. Jekyll or Mr. Hyde !!!
Grow up and be civil. Currently you're attacking someone you think is a bad/mean/whathaveyou person with the same behavior. This is what we call hypocrisy. Learn to play nice and the adult world might accept you.
am an asshole. Get used to it.
You are right, my apologies!
LOL, IRCVS IS the IMBICILE I was talking about! Tongue

He is a SPAMMER too.

No apology accepted from me! I hope they ban the bastard!

He doesn't know how to program well either, so who needs him?
Get my QB demonstrator here:
Dear Count Dracula:

I have garlics for you.

You  repeated too,  boring, ... but you're funny!

You are a buffoon!!!

Greetings Clippy, GHP, my ethernal enemy!!!

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