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Oldies still around?
I'm still alive. I write VB apps and SQL queries for a local business. Now I'm starting college in the fall for computer science. I'm actually sitting in an auditorium for my orientation writing this.
@ Ninkazu:
Not exactly sure what that said, other than its some kind a rough love / hate relationship sorta deal from what I could sort out. My main focus atm is the writing for now, not so much the words, and I can pronounce things wrote in hiragana thus far, startng into katakana next.. then Kanji.. yay.. Once I can properly read it, should open up more ability to learn it, and use it. I also have a close friend in Japan that's multilingual who helps me out a lot when ever she can.

And back on topic, this post needs more posters.. O.o;.... Back in the day, this would have had 3-4 pages by now..  Sad .. Where did all the FBer's head off too btw, if they no longer hang around here and is mostly all down to business, is c0de still around? I think I lost the link to that when my other PC blew out.
Kevin (x.t.r.GRAPHICS)

[Image: 11895-r.png]

(06-27-2009, 04:16 AM)Rokkuman link Wrote: 中文比日文好得多。

I disagree. wo3 bu4 xi3 huan1 zhong1 wen2. (zhong1 wen2 ye2 xue2 xi2 le)

Without a political discussion, I will leave it at personal taste. Let us not have a flame war here, rokku.
am an asshole. Get used to it.
Was that second line serious or a joke

I mean it looks like a joke but this is QBN.
Still lurking occasionally!
Peace cannot be obtained without war. Why? If there is already peace, it is unnecessary for war. If there is no peace, there is already war."

Visit to see rubbish in all its finest.
Hey guys Smile

I stopped coming here when control of the forum was given to Zap, z!re, etc and my user was deleted.

This is cha0s btw.
Open source FTW
Hi people Smile Nice to see you all again. Brings back memories.

(06-18-2009, 11:30 PM)Moneo link Wrote: I haven't seen Whitetiger around the forums in years. He was a pretty young kid, so he must have found something more challenging than QBasic.

I still hang out with whitetiger (and DrV) every day. He's a perl hacker nowadays. And not such a young kid any more  Smile
Still alive, but not really doing BASIC in any form these days.  I still glance at the FB forum once in a blue moon to be sure nothing is horribly broken.  Most of the lines of code I write are in C now.
I still exist too, hehe. Smile Doing mainly C code in FreeBSD these days, but still finishing up my final game in FB as well. Also, working on a serious FPS using a heavily modified version of Vavoom.

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