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Oldies still around?
I decided to check this forum on a whim today.

I was never very active, but oh, wow, the memories.

Oracle, Agammenus, na_th_an, relsoft, Jocke, white tiger, all you others -- on the off-chance that one of you stumbles by this thread, I just want to say thank you on behalf of my middle-school self, for helping a fledgeling nerd on his way.

Cheers man  ;D

[Image: jocke.gif]
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So QBNews is still around!

What about a new 10 liner graphics  contest?  Big Grin

I guess I have lost my touch with graphics, I'm mainly programming PLC's nowadays!



I think the coder inside me is waking up after all these years. I've been busy with family and managing a PC shop AND trying to get my own shop going. It's a busy life.

But with one of the fastest machines in town at the moment, I'll be certain to try any demo software you guys are still writing! I'd love nothing more to get back into it again, but I've forgotten a ton...

I was bringing Blobworld Comics back from a hiatus this week, and a few minutes ago I saw a post here:

Ugh, WTF was I thinking?
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Damn, reading all these names in this thread sure brought up a lot of memories, hehe.

I was thinking Dark Woods 2 would make a cool phone game, browsed around a bit on jocke the beast's site (last post from 2006, forum dead, aww) and figured I give good old QBN a look. Hah Smile

Sorry for the necromancy Tongue

Edit: Oh and I was Zap. Dunno why I have this account now.
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also eat some bytes!

Happy programming
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'Ello Zap!
Screwing with your reality since 1998.
Hello, folks.

Feeling nostalgic I coded a little something a couple of afternoons ago. Yeah. It's QB45 and it's DirectQB. The video was made using DOSBox. In fact, I coded this inside QB45 inside DOSBox.

Release soon.

Ah, the memories Wink
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That looks great, na_th_an!  Hope to play it soon.

- Dav
I only have to finish placing the baddies and objects, then do some art... and it will be out Smile I'll keep you all posted.
SCUMM (the band) on Myspace!
ComputerEmuzone Games Studio
underBASIC, homegrown musicians
Pete Berg checking in.... wow, it's been a long time!
Pete's QB Site:

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