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BLoad Has a VB Form around It
Below is almost a Carbon Copy of my screen
FBIdeTemp              (This is the Dark Blue Banner across top of crn)      |
|  *                      *                      *                    *                    *        |
|                                                                                                          |*          * *            *                      ***          **            *        *    |
|                                Blue Stars on Black Bacground_
|                                                                              \
|    *              *              **              *          **          *              *
|**      *        *      *            **            *          ***          *          **
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>|  19"  diagonal Full screen
How do I get rid of the Blue Banner with FBIdeTemp in it and Blue Line down Left side?
Pressing Print Screen Alt or just Print screen does Nothing. Leaving The file Name out of the BELOAD and Just BLOAD and running it shows everything the same without the stars. Some one must of had this happen to them?
f I knew how to Code I wouldn't have to make these POST's
FB sucks! What LANG switch  you using?

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Zooker, it is a little hard to understand your post; in my web browser the characters aren't in any sort of alignment. Are you asking if you can create a graphics screen without the Title Bar or Border ? If so, then FreeBASIC can do just that for you:

# include ""

' create a graphics screen in a 256x256 8-bit (paletted) window
' without a title bar or border, using a single screen buffer.
screenres 256, 256, 8, 1, fb.GFX_NO_FRAME

' draw a picture on the screen. on my, Windows XP machine, this
' is a picture of some blue soapy-looking things.
bload "c:\Windows\Soap Bubbles.bmp"

The first line includes a file that declares some names related to the FreeBASIC graphics statements and procedures. fb.GFX_NO_FRAME is used in the ScreenRes statement to request a window that does not have a title bar or border displayed with it. ScreenRes, as well as the QB-compatible Screen statement, supports several more flags that change the behavior/appearance of the window, including keeping a window on top of all other windows, and creating a window in such a way that you can draw transparent areas on the window and the desktop/whatever's-underneath will show through (useful for creating the illusion of arbitrarily-shaped windows and other cool effects).

Here is the link to the FreeBASIC Manual pages detailing Screen and ScreenRes. Hope this helps, good luck !

On the other hand, if you're asking how to create a graphics screen that encompasses the entire physical screen (your monitor), FreeBASIC supports that as well. In the above code, you would replace fb.GFX_NO_FRAME with fb.GFX_FULLSCREEN. You must be sure that your setup supports fullscreen mode at a particular resolution. Use ScreenList to determine this.

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