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VVVVVV by Terry (Chaotic Harmony)
Anyone played Terry's recent game, VVVVVV Nice to see old community members and their current work. If you haven't played it, it's platform game , but with a few twists/challenges.

The only pity it wasn't coded in BASIC (Qb/Qb64 or freeBASIC) as it would be easily be possible but it was coded in portal/web friendly flash.
Heh, I recently had something nostalgically remind me of my QBasic days, and thought I'd check out this forum Smile

I'd love to know what people from back in the old QB days are doing now.
I love your new releases Terry. Very innovative and original stuff. I envy you. Smile
Hey, I didn't know VVVVVV was made by a member originally from the qb community!
Well it shows! I was even recently playing a port of it for OpenPandora (and waiting one for GCW0)
ave a time Smile
Crazy.  I recently watched a friend of mine play through (most) of this during a vacation, and about a week ago added a track from the game ("Positive Force") to my Spotify chiptune soundtrack.  Pretty awesome.

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