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memory/data errors
I've been getting out of data space and out of memory errors.

The second time i run my program i get these.

Is there any way to clear the memory when the program starts. i searched the tutorials for this but couldn't find anything.(or is there any other way to get rid of these.)
Use RESTORE to read DATA again. You cannot read beyond the end of DATA!

Memory errors could come from too large arrays to too large of a program. Try breaking the program up into SUB programs.
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i thought i fixed this when i found the CLEAR statement it worked at first.
Then i started doing more dim shared stuff and it returned is there a limit to how much there can be here?
if i dim shared stuff in subs could this work?
Try the /ah command line option and use dynamic arrays (redim) if you haven't already.

It may be time for you to move on up to QB64 or Freebasic.
Clear does NOT restore the DATA! If you have several DATA fields you can name them andv RESTORE the ones you need.

To name a DATA field use a line label:


DATA ,,,,,,,,,,
DATA ,,,,,,,,,,,
DATA ,,,,,,,,,,

When you READ the DATA you can restore that data field only:


FOR i = 1 TO 20  'read 40 values using 2 variables
READ nam$, age%, address$

I advise placing all DATA fields after the main program code has ended. That way, you don't accidentally go to the wrong DATA fields.
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