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Pds71 and Mac Computers
A few years back I wrote some programs(non game) which input data, write it to files, read these files and do different processes and print them/drop them into files which I could email the results out.  Now the wife bought an IMac.  So my question is, what programs are out there that are free/close to free, which are similar to qbasic/pds71 that i can rewrite my existing programs that will work on a mac?  I am no longer a computer guru (mabe 25 years ago, I used to write programs in business basic, but things change fast), so it would have to be something that is easy enough for me to do.
You may like QB64 for Mac.  QB64 tries to be a QB compatible compiler for Win/Linux/Mac.  I haven't used it on a Mac before but on Windows & Linux it works very well.

QB64 is free.  Here's the URL for the compiler/project.

- Dav
Couldn't get it to run/download correctly.  After doing some searching I see others have had the same problem.  I did find an app called boxer.  It works pretty good.  You download your programs into boxer and it runs like an app.  The guy who is in charge of boxer was very quick to respond to some of my questions and helped me get everything up and running and how to manage some file handling also.

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