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Anyone have a copy of or V Planet (or other long lost QB sites)?
I received a backup from wildcard a while ago since as it turned out I did not have anything complete (just an in-development copy I found on an old drive). I was planning to put up a read-only copy, just haven't got around to it yet. I will post here when that's done.
Alright, it's up here:

Should be all working I think. Lotta work to make everything run on PHP 7! Most of the scripts were written for PHP 4, and there was a lot of sloppyness as a result of the fact that I taught myself PHP originally when 3 was current... so there was a lot of super old things and bad practices. Also that forum software I wrote, "FlingForum", is garbage, haha. Oh man... I am disappointed at my younger self after having spent the past couple hours cleaning things up, but I guess we all start somewhere, right?

The site is in read-only mode for archival reasons, but also because most of the stuff that created/updated data had security holes in it so I don't trust it at all.

The Top 50 section is also missing entirely. It's an off-the-shelf topsites script I got back in the day (I think the same one most topsites used) that I am not really interested in going through to make sure it's not exposing all kinds of vulnerabilities. Plus all the site banner images were remotely linked, so it would look rather poor anyway. Sad

There's also a copy of QB Chronicles on there since it was hosted under that site anyway in a subdirectory, so hey, why not put it up. I think it's archived already on Pete's site, but here it is again.

(I feel kind of embarrassed reading through those issues... heh. Most of my "tutorials" are not really adequately detailed and if I'm being honest, I remember at least a couple were written after only juuust getting the basics down myself of what I was writing about... so I probably was not really prepared to write a tutorial on the subject matter anyway in those cases. Also in places the inspiration from the look and feel of the old QB:TM / QB Times issues seems blatantly obvious, haha. But I do remember having a lot of fun writing those issues. Don't remember why I stopped now... hmm. Oh well!)
Great to see it back up. I think it would be more strange if you didn't think that about the old code. I think it's common for programmers to want to rewrite things even recently and the web/php has changed a lot since it was running. I need to go through the code on this site as several different scripts running that probably need some attention.
Yeah, you're exactly right of course. Smile
Alright, here's one that's probably not really needed:

I say "not really needed" because exists. Though I'm unsure who is running that, so figured I'd put up this copy of how looked when Jofers and I ran the show briefly. We both put a loooot of effort into the custom scripts, forum and design. The whole Bigfoot theme was funny and pretty unique (100% Jofers idea and design!). I cannot speak for Jofers since I don't think he and I ever talked about it in retrospect, but even though this iteration of was short lived, I got a real sense of satisfaction and accomplishment from it... especially after the whole PostNuke disaster. Tongue

The only backup I could find of this version of the site was from August 31, 2005, which is about a year before VonGodric took over as site admin. If I took another backup of the site before the hand-over, I cannot find it.

Thankfully this site was much easier to restore and get running again on PHP 7 due to the fact that the code was much, much, much cleaner and better tested. And it wasn't spammed to hell by bots, so no 1000's of junk posts to clean up. Wink

As with the backup previously linked, this site has all create/update/delete functionality disabled and is as such in 100% read-only mode.

Enjoy the trip down memory lane!
Thank you so much for uploading these, Fling-Master!

Pete's QB Site:
For those interested, I tracked down a mirror of V Planet! and uploaded it myself:

It's part of the "Zines" archive on Pete's QB Site... I consider this an important cornerstone in the QMunity, so I'm glad to have it accessible again. Smile
Pete's QB Site:

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