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Just updated Pete's QB Site... 20 year anniversary :)
It's the first update in 10 years, but hey!  It's an update!

I also restored an archive of V Planet!  The site hasn't been online in nearly 10 years, aside from
Pete's QB Site:
Always great to see an update, thanks for uploading V Planet! archive. I remember it very well. Amazing the number and depth of the QB community.

Minor note, think you attributed Plasma where it should probably be Fling-master?
Thanks, I confused Plasma and Fling-master there.  Updated.

Plasma is hosting a bunch of sites including the recently-restored QBasic Games Directory.  That was originally on the short-lived reboot, which has since gone down.
Now it's at:
Pete's QB Site:
Both doing good work. I didn't know Plasma was hosting those, glad to see they're back online.

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