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Fixing QBOHO
New forum looks nice! Um, anybody here though?

I was doing some  nostalgia clicking, and I noticed QBOHO was in pretty bad shape:

I scraped that together years ago with a python script that parsed the rtf output of HELPMAKE.EXE and dumped it into a bunch of HTML files, which wildcard translated and uploaded. It used the IE-only "terminal" font, tables, &nbsp padding, and other horrors to replicate that loving "DOS" look, and it's all horribly broken now of course.

Nowadays browser support for Unicode, custom fonts, CSS, etc. is much better. Even the QuickHelp tooling is better. I found this C# tool which already converts quickhelp files to UTF-8 encoded HTML:

So I wrote another Python script to reprocess that a bit further. I used one of the fonts from here:

And then packed everything into one CSS-only HTML page that uses anchor links to jump between topics, and the :target selector to show one topic at a time. Having only one page should make it a little easier to embed somewhere else. Sure, it's a 1.2MB but since it's all whitespace and English, that gzips down to 240kb. And the average webpage is 3MB so who cares?

Anyway, the result:

Possible to get it updated here?
Finally found a way to get something more recent running, think you are the first non spammer to post (or me). It may be quiet but want to keep it running, really need to give the main site an overhaul so it runs on something a bit more supported as well.

Thanks for original work and also updating QBOHO. I've uploaded the new version, looks good. If you zoom in to 200% if feels like actual QBOHO on my machine.

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