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New version of my DOS GUI, Costa
Oh, how the years have rushed by. To think that it's been some 16 years since I last posted in this forum!

I hadn't been working in BASIC for a long, long time. But, after I got my hands on an old IBM PS/2 computer, I thought it could be fun to use my old GUI, Costa on it. But as it turned out, it did not run well at all - far to much disk activity for such an old PC, which caused waiting times far too long to tolerate. So, my old copy of VBDOS was dusted off and brought back to life, and from time to time I've been able to get some work done on the GUI. It now runs pretty decently on this old 16 MHz i386, and I use it as a launcher for all the games and applications I have on the machine.

I know there will likely be next to no one interested in actually using it, but maybe someone will see a usage for it in DOSBox or on an old PC. If nothing else, maybe some of you will find it interesting. I've open sourced it and put in on GitHub, so you can poke around in the code - just remember that most of it was written when I was young and inexperienced, so don't judge too harshly  Rolleyes

If nothing else, I've had fun getting backup into BASIC and trying to optimize old code for low-spec hardware.

More information and downloads on


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