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Code translator
Wonder how this would translate....

BASICA Code Rel Made:

1. Measure 1/3 cup of Flour
2. Mix Eggs
3. Add Sugar
4. Add Coloring
5. Mix the ingredients all together
6. Bake until brown
7. End

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dudes, dudes, dudes....... uve got me wrong.

im talking about an enigma type thing.



im just looking to write a program that u can input a sentence and the comp will print the translation.

go the mighty maggies.
(thanks yakstorm)

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Ohhhhhh, you mean encryption :roll:, whoops.

One of the simplest forms of encryption is simple rotation. In rot1 A->B, B->C and Z->A. Rot13 is the most common rotation because its halfway along the alphabet, its major drawback however is that it is extremely trivial to break.

You could have a look at cipher systems such as playfair, vignere, RSA(difficult, very secure), PGP, etc. Most cipher systems that are difficult to crack also involve some very complex mathmatics.

To write a simple encryption program in Qbasic you could either use a formula based method (eg rot13) on each letter or you could use a lookup table for encrypting each letter (requires that the table be transmitted to the reader of the code, but then how do you encrypt the table :???: ). Both methods should be relatively simple exercises in programming.
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