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Rocket Fuel Mayhem released!
He codes in a 486 and he says that he can't get a higher fps rate, so he always uses that. (( AFAIK ))
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18fps? that sounds suspiciously like a certain 18.2 tics per second refresh rate on the system timer on default.
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I was thinking the same thing... Quite suspicious. Tongue
Well, I guess I'm just blind or something, because it wouldn't matter to me if it was 30fps.
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Yes I'm using the TIMER statement. I've already elaborated why I'm doing it like that in another post but that post got deleted for some strange reason. Basicly RelLib delay routine is NOT WORKING and seav's timer is bezerk. And I don't know how to add another delay routine from another lib to mine. Fact is, with this level of pixel speeds of ships and projectiles(and they might be too high and therefore making the game not enough smooth but that's not the issue here) 18 FPS if like PERFECT.

You know very well that it doesn't have an influence on the gameplay so don't have meaningless prejudices please. Thank you.
Sorry for spaming but...I've released a new verson. Few small changes. I'll copy and paste the update from readme.txt file so you can know what has been changed/fixed. If you are keeping a copy of RFM you should get this last version.

Kinda rechecked the game once more. I had to fix some grammar mistakes in the database so I thought while I'm doing that I might try to spot few left-out bugs and fix few things people mentioned.
With the database I've sticked to the double spaceing method since the letters are not the same width so I just couldn't be bothered with it anymore. Anyway the changes are:
-corected few spelling and grammar mistakes in the database, mostly in arenas topic(another Michael's revision)
-updated few things in Ship Specifications topic since during creation of the game some specifications changed and I also pointed out that Hypnos shield is ABSORB shield which I forgot to mention before
-done some corections with winner's team name being displayed corectly on the middle of the screen (tournament matches)
-lump hunt score screen now has a background, lousy but better than nothing
-when a ship is in a Vangal Web and gets destroyed the Vangal Web glued on that ship doesn't reappear on the destroyed ship's docking area for a second anymore
-when you exit the game now, screen mode 0 is initialized
I've updated at QBNZ.

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