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Nemesis QB shuts down
The domain name has already expired. Webmasters are free to remove their links.

Thanks to everyone for their support, especially Marcade for the hosting.
Wasn't it anyway?
am an asshole. Get used to it.
Sad news Sad
Quote:Wasn't it anyway?

It is very sad... that goodbye page is depressing! But Jon is coming back real soon! (Plasma357) I for one can't wait to see his new site!
Sad to hear this. It'll be missed, I'm sure.

Thanks NemesisQB, for being such a top quality site, and providing some great contributions to the QB world.

A personal thanks for linking to The Code Post from its beginning (which was only a forum at the time). And for designing the link button for me, Plasma357. Thank you. Hope you'll be back soon.

- Dav

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