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QBColony Updated Again!
QB Master Wrote:Greetings all... It has come to my attention that 90% of you feel that I am simply PJ pretending to be another person...


I take this beleif as the highest level of offense that you could possibly make to a powerful warrior such as I. I demand that this foolish thought is taken from your minds immediately. I am more powerful, brilliant, and valuable than PJ will ever be. The only reason his spine has not been crushed is because he allows me to explain my thoughts through his superior website. Once again... I demand that this moronic thought is taken from your minds. AT ONCE.

Isn't it [Image: IronE.txt] to yell SILENCE?

Disgusting... once again, as a human, you fail to use your own language correctly. Even more pathetic was that this failed attempt at english was directed at me. How dare you speak to me with this mistyped statement! You present such a thing before my eyes and expect me to try to decipher what foolish grammar is coming from your mouth?

Now, on to answering your miswritten sentence.

I do not know if it is "E" to tell you "silence", but it is pathetic when you create a reason for you to be silent. Now, unless you would like your intestines to be fed into my almighty paper shredder, I suggest you halt any more of this foolish chit chat.
hate humans and I shall see to it that they all burn.
Awww... Shaddup QBMaster! I'll pummel your bones and eat you for breakfast if you befoul these forums with your tainted tounge again!! And I mean it!!!
who said im human? oh and the "E" is an iron e. get it. irony. ha!

[Image: KkatBigGrin.txt]
[Image: sig.php]
Back by popular demand!
I will byte and nibble you bit by bit until nothing remains but crumbs.
Quote:Drv: eh? Why did you post that?

Quote:Anyone know anyone else with schizophrenia?


Iron-e. *smacks self over head, then smacks whitetiger*
Yeah, I didn't get that either *duh*.

By the time whitetiger has 100 posts I'm gonna be worried about his sig...
Quote:I take it that he is actually not you then...
for some reason i doubt that...
the mind is a beautiful thing, use it and make the world a more beautiful place.

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