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Has anyone ever noticed...
Hehe... I didn't know that was weird al. I heard it at someone else's place, and coincidentally (or not?) he is a stupid freaky stoner guy... yah... I try to stay away from him so I didn't ask who it was.
lol, I here it was him... that's what Kazza says... and a couple of my friends, but I wouldn't know! if it isn't him, he has some good stuff...
such as...
"Oh my my, this here anikan guy..."

"The night Santa went crazy!!! The night Chris Kringle went nutz!!!"

lol, ok back to reality!!! ya, I think Al is a bad influence on kids these days!
Quote:Sometimes when browsing phpBB forums the images for "new post" or "no new posts" sometimes don't display? What's going on there?

Yeah ..
What is so terribly wrong with this world?

Where is the Love?" -Unknown

Answer to Life: GOD and THE HOLY BIBLE.
Please, don't take back to life more than 1 month old dead posts!!!
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that's what I was thinking when I saw this in my e-mail... I haven't been here in forever

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