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New Oblivion screenshot released
*Looks at the screenies.....


*13h version with one-page or else......

y smiley is 24 bit.
[Image: anya2.jpg]

Genso's Junkyard:
Even with UGL I'd be surprised if that could get up to a decent frame rate (20FPS+) on my 1100mHz...
it should get 30fps on low detail 320x200.
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Quote:it should get 30fps on low detail 320x200.

At 1100mHz? Cool!!

What about the speed at the actual res of the picture we are shown?
actually, the movement speed is fps dependant, so on my computer, a p3 550, i get ~10fps, and it runs really nice, along with 4 different ways to adjust engine work (view depth, FOV clipping strength, environment detail (can drop poly count over 50% in many cases), and switch from 3rd person to 1st person, with all settings set to give the most performance, i get 30fps in 320x240x32bit

thanks for the comments guys! look to the QBExpo2k3 soon for an exclusive demo of this engine!
Wow... I can't wait!

Syn9: wern't you making ZeroG2?
indeed i am

for pics of both games
There's only pictures of oblivion. The "ZeroG2" text ain't a link.

Have you seen this?
yea, i just took down the zg2 pics, working on revamping the site to a new layout that has info on both games

though the new zg2 pics and info are up at the qbexpo2k3

and yea, i actually just saw that review today, thats pretty cool, lots of great recommendations for zg2, sent them an email today also thanking them for the review and the comments
I just got the email. And have seen the pictures *drools*

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