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"Game with one control key" challenge(CLOSED!)
Create a game where the controls are limited to one key.

If you think that such idea is bad and can only result in bad games
check UrthWurm ( )

Rules :

- game must be under 1.0MB unzipped(the idea is that you have to
be original and keep it small - mini game)
- controls must be limited to one key; two player mode is
optional and again, each player must only have one key
available to control his character or whatever kind of object;
usage of mouse for game control is not allowed
- usage or libaries is recommended
- using graphic made outside QB is optional but recommended
(you can make it textual)
- game must be playable(it has to have a head and a tail, way
to finish it, way to exit it; implemention of menus and
options is recommended)
- game must be runnable without a sound card
- usage of LOW-RES is recommended since FutureLib and
UGL VESA detection is very bad and most people probably
won't be able to evaluate the game
- you have 34 days to submitt your game in the challenge(deadline
is on 28th of 11th month); if small number of games will be
submitted and there will be requests for prolonging the deadline,
deadline will be prolonged
- after the submittion period ends, poll will be opened so
that submitted games can be evaluated by forum members

Tips :

Each game where you can control your object/character with two keys(left - right movement) you can solve with one key. While you hold the key something moves left and while you don't hold the key something moves right. Or the other way to solve it, the key available changes the direction of movement as you press it.

Hope you'll be insipired. Good luck.
I'll join! Smile It was far too long since I had some fun programming to
do, and this sounds easy enough so even I might manage to
achieve something! Big Grin
It would be nice if people who plan to participate say so(thanx red_Marvin). Just to keep the thread alive.

Count me in, sounds like great fun.

Just a question, can the controls be complex.. i.e. are they only allowed to do two things? For example in the Snake game you go down unless you push space, where you go up. Could the game allow for space bar to be pushed once and the snake goes up, and once again for it to go down? But more complex?
This sounds pretty fun Smile. If I've got time I'll try to make something.
Yes, you can do with that one key anything you want.

For example, imagine a top view game. When you press SPACE "something" starts to move left. When you press SPACE again "something" goes straight. When you press SPACE again "something" moves right. If you press SPACE once more again "something" goes straight again. It shifts from left to right movement.

You can also use that one key so that your character/object transforms in several things that are in preset order. Like always need to be in a specific form to avoid certain type of hazards.

I don't know. Everything is allowed with that one key. Be imaginitive! BTW, I have one idea. I think I'll go with it. It kinda has a funny twist. Love being funny.

Had like 5-6 of ideas but with most of them I didn't wanted to use up the concept that would work better with more keys. They also would require more time to be finished. I'm a perfectionist. So game has to be smaller. In my case.
The one key is for controlling the character or something right?

can I have esc to exit the game and another as the key
or must I handle menus (not ingame menus, but for example
single/multiplayer) and such with the key?

I already have an idea and some pice of cod written...

Also, can I post my game and then make an update and post again
1 coding main game...
2 posting game
3 coding (multiplayer), update, draw better gfx etc
4 posting update
5 goto 3
Yes, that one key is for controling the character/object/gamefield/whatever.

Of course you can have ESC key, pause key, menu keys and such.

And yes, post updates on your project! BTW, have in mind that you have one month, so don't hesistate to polish the graphic if you finish the code fast.
Could one make a tactics sort of game, turn based, or does it have to be realtime?

And, could it be multiplayer-only? Maybe AI for computer openents could be added if one had time to spare.
url=]CopyPasta[/url] - FilePasta
aww man... i was going to enter this challenge. But i dont have a chance now, with all the 'big names' here.
heh heh

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