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Question to the moderator
I've been quitte surprised to see that my posting of yesterday (17/02/03) was deleted, just because the word "er..." was mentioned.

If you have really visited the page I talked about, you have seen there's nothing shocking nore pervert there (my 7 years old daughter found it very funny indeed).

Beyond the matter of tastes in terms of litterature and colours, I think the raytracing techniques developed in the QBasic source on that page are interesting for those who care about Hi-Res graphics.

So, all in all, I would appreciate if you could give me the reason why you cleared this post :???:
(You do not need to post your reply, you can us my email)

Thanks by advance

hink Global, Make Symp' All ! ®
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Well firstly there are other forums other than Projects for a reason. You posted this and the deleted topic in the wrong place.

I was going to move it, but although it had qb content. I found your page distasteful, the page you suggested people click on. It wasn't really shocking, but I believe in the slipperly slope effect and it was not something I do not want to see posted here even if its alongside qb programs/content.

Just incase you didn't think I did, I did visit the site. I try to visit most of the links posted.
All the bad tastes have a place in nature... buut you did your moderator's job.

Some like my page, some don't. But I understand your slippery slope comment. You know, these concerns make all the difference between the international forums and sites, where the audience can have very different perceptions, and the french web, where we admit almost everything. The only stuff we usually clear is all about racism, fascism and, more generally, violence incitation. As for the rest, we usually consider that freedom of expression is a steady principle. Those who do not want to hear or view just don't.
hink Global, Make Symp' All ! ®
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I understand its not nice having a post deleted. As you said the mixing of people from different countries and cultures does mean people accept different things differently. Maybe I am a bit too conservative but I hope you understand.

You can repost your post just keep it QB focused(i.e. only QB ;-) )

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