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Forum upgrade
Just to let everyone know I'm upgrading to the forum now and it shouldn't take too long. The board will be closed whilst upgrading.

EDIT: Forum has been upgraded and there shouldn't be any problems, if you notice one please contact one of the admins.
*looks around*

so, uh, what's new?
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Quote:*looks around*

so, uh, what's new?

I'm glad you asked that questions, [shrugs shoulders] ;-)

Nothing of major importance. Mostly hidden things but it allows MODs to be installed(as phpbb only support their latest stable release as such). Mostly just typos and a few things like timezone display.
AHH! im an hour in the future... :o you owe my an hour of my life... oh nvm...
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Back by popular demand!
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Looks good wildcard, haven't seen any problems Smile

Guys, check the bottom of the page Wink

Oh, and the new version give admin the power to lock the board and log out, giving endless possibilities on closing forums for days for "bad behaviour" Wink
It wasnt me, it wasnt me! :roll:

Cool, i didnt notice anything different until i came across this post =)
So a phpBB 2.0.6 upgrade, nice job wildcard, oracle, Fling, other admins, Wink.
...Dav :lol:

It was only wildcard Smile

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