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Argh. Why is Helius added to the styles? I like SpacePilot3K much and much better. And I think it also fits the 'dark' layout of the site! If you get that style online for me, I'll use it definitely!
Helius is super cool =P. Cobalt too is good Wink
the shapes of boxes is a tad confusing, but I'm using helius now. it loads faster for osem reason, also. moe space to see, and maybe i can finally start reading AAP's posts thoroughly ;D
ammit potato!
I'm dead sure I posted in this thread.

smartDark rules!
SmartDark is undoubtedly good. But some change/variety in skins is welcome =P
Helius: not cool
smartDark: cool!
SpacePilot3K: extraordinarily cool! Wink
Everyone has a different opinion =P
Premade forum-templates: boooring.

Be a little inventive. You want a new template, make your own or stick with smartdark.
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I'd make a "qbnews" theme...

I can put it on my "todo" list. If you guys wanna request things that you want in a theme (or a layout for that matter), I can whip something up that everyone will enjoy Smile
make a "blazingly efficient with no graphisc larger than 1k" theme.
ammit potato!

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