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Developement Forum
BlissDev is dead, people... I.. I really liked rantasia *tear*

Oh well, what are ya gonna do. I dun know how to set one up anyways.
why is it dead?
Nobody visits it time only the rantasia board is visited but not the rest of the's sad-----but QBNews is back again...who needs BlissDev?? (sorry Seph)
"You've all abused your priviledge. Maybe you'll learn soon. But you most likely won't."

Sites come and go. People rebel, lose their interest in their rebellion, and come crawling back to the ones they rebelled from in the first place. There's always one more "high and mighty hopeful". This rebel/return cycle has taken place since the dawn of human time and is nothing new. Interesting to see it in living color on the Internet though. Big Grin
I'd knock on wood, but my desk is particle board.
I dont understand ??? How did they abuse their priviledges?
I guess having access to a site called "blissdev" was supposed to be some kind of honor or something. The only good thing about blissdev was Rantasia, and that was Ninkazu's idea, so of course it rocked. But who cares, there's more forums out there, including ours. Blissdev isn't exactly a loss. And yeah, that's my straight-up cutthroat opinion.
I'd knock on wood, but my desk is particle board.
Hehe, nothing is indispensable on the internet =P

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