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PostNuke has been nuked at!
No... you did read that right. PostNuke has now disappeared at

Thanks to toonski there is now a much more simplified content management system up. Currently there are only sections for the forum, downloads and links.

We are aiming to have the new content management system up and running (in a beta test form) by January or possibly February. In the mean time we hope you enjoy this refreshing change!
Great work Toonski! And, to quote Lachie "Finnaly" Smile
[Image: jocke.gif]
"Some men get the world, other men get ex hookers and a trip to Arizona."
I like it...much better than before
Its about time we saw some changes!
Are we finally have a decent wbesite there since futrue software sold the site! Hopefully they will keep all the original links AND AD's there, my site visitor numbers may hit 1000 again...
Allthough if I had my way future software would bee taking it back but unfortunatly I don't think I am likely to get my way in a month of sundays :-(
Anyway hopefully it won't cause ie to throw up loads of errors anymore, that was my main problem - my parents won't let me put ns 7.1 on the comp!
atos-Software - interested in how web hosting works? Here the place to go to find out.
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Dude look at the date of the last reply before reviving a topic! This is 3 months old!
Is it me or did they not seem to achieve their deadline? Sad

I say forget about the stupid site already. It's history and probably isn't going to come back up.

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