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Blind Productions Resurrected
The coding group (which includes Mofu, BlueKeyboard and aetherFox) has been resurrected. You can check out what their group is up to at
Hey! Where is Bk? I missed him quite some time! :roll: Good to see the ol' blind coding has been resurrected! Wink
I remember Bk from when I was a wee member here Wink

He had a kewl avatar Wink
Surfing Keyboard!

He hasn't been online for ... erm ... half a year? While I liked chatting to Bk, ae, and Mofu on MSN all at the same time!
Quote:We currently are working on a project that was made with revival to our group.
This project is untitled, however, we have started planning and preliminary coding and graphics.

When more details are released, I will update here.

Oh, this is so informative.

I'll wait until you acctually start doing something.

I can remember our old project was Kyro or something... Smile

Well we've done quite a bit on the projects so far, so we hope to release soon Big Grin

Yea, the first game we did was mireda and then kyro Smile

BK is on msn, i dunno why he dusent visit here anymore, ill ask him next time Big Grin

URL=][Image: mofuqb.gif][/URL]
Hehe, I visited that site before Fling posted here =P. Anyway its good to hear that they are back together =)
Guess who's here :king: .
I'm back now, looks like I got some posting to catch up with :lol:.
Here's the man!
Just some MSN action uh? Wink
SCUMM (the band) on Myspace!
ComputerEmuzone Games Studio
underBASIC, homegrown musicians

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