Poll: What do you think of my title Screen for my new game
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What do you think of my title screen?
[Image: images\title.jpg]
y new site coming soon
Zero Productions
[Image: images\logo.jpg]
Doesn't display - anything wrong with your link?

drag that into the address bar. it's okay, a little cheesy looking but i like the lettering. also a little empty. put some other stuff happening in there!
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It looks nice, but you should put a space colony or something in the background to cover up those stars, I don't know, it just looks like it needs a space colony.
"Pastor of Muppets"... I'm not a big fan of that font, so I won't make comments. Sure it's empty, though.
does what it should.. makes you want to play! Smile
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It looks fine! Only 1 thing, which is the same as Toonski here said. It's too empty.

I sought a picture on the inet which corresponds to your picture.
Sth like this I mean:

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