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Forum rules: Last draft
adosorken: Your relative newness to this forum may not let you know how much I run this site for and because of the community that exists here. These rules, and rules before, only came around to protect it. These rules are more formal than the previous ones and more thought has been put into it. You are welcome to debate/read between the lines, but the rules have constructed in a way to let this community keep going well; you don't dictate them - the community does.
Quote:you don't dictate them - the community does.
What do you think I've been saying all along Tongue

And don't patronize's annoying.

EDIT: pfft I don't even care anymore. I'm outta here.
I'd knock on wood, but my desk is particle board.

I got here late onto this thread, but I'd like to say that one thing is to have a difference of opinion regarding the size of avatars, and the other is your using the direct derogatory remark "you suck...". Stuff like that doesn't help your side of the argument, it just turns it into a personal confrontation. I respect Oracle for not losing his cool.

BTW, Wildcard, I think the rules are fine and well defined.

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