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One Key Challenge - The Official Site
Since the one key challenge has ended Lachie has opened a special site for it, so that all the entries and the stuff related to it is saved for the future generations.
Lachie: If you read this post, please send me an article about your compo and about how you won it. Smile
Quuskia - digital princess
I think he put all the entries to vote in this forum and he got the most votes.
lol TBBQ, i think she meant how he developed his proyect in such a way that it became a winner. :lol: - Done! Smile Ask about our hosting Wink

-Goddess of the of the No More Religion Threads movement Smile
Ah, I misunderstood.
Rhiannon is correct. That is what I meant. Perhaps I did not phrase my statement well. Thank you querida.

And no harm done TBBQ. Smile
Quuskia - digital princess

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