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for all of those who had missed me or thought i disappeared....

Quote:Thanks all of you.

Well just to make it clear, I'm not alone at the project. A short history of Qbasic.TK:

1: Sumo Jo 'registers' and opens a site with downloads and forum.

2: Rhican suggests a redesign.

3: I saw the site, and said I'd make the new site.

4. I spent half a year makeing a site.

5. I sent it to the bin, modded phpBB, and launched.

this is true. Technically the site has been around for almost 2 years now (although much downtime...and early yuck geocities versions that i'm sure a few of your remember)

speaking of remembering...there are still a few faces i remember here
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I hope it flourishes like =)
trown here because a search engin spotted my nick overhere...

not of to a great start though he...

to bad for the friserver only working in denmark again. ah well ...
give it another 6 months and our site will be perfect :-)...
and i hope it is updated regularily, unlike :wink: [/url]
Jumping Jahoolipers!
Quote:and i hope it is updated regularily, unlike

At least for some years, I think it will, as we're three to do it. But it has to be kept alive, too, and currently we can't have files bigger than 200kb.. Sad
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which host are you using?
Somehow I can't get to the website... Sad
lycos, direct url (try it, Neo):

We've found another (free) host, are working to transfer. It's free for 3 years, an opening offer.
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Ok, I have a connection now, but I can't see anything yet, except popups flashing over the screen Sad

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