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The Basic Network is now open!
Two months in the making, this all-inclusive BASIC hub will bring the best of all BASIC worlds together in one place. Submit and rate files, post news and projects, join other coders in two different IRC-based chatrooms, peruse our active web forum, pick up a free email account, and more. The Basic Network was designed from the ground up by a tight-knit team of programmers from around the world who are dedicated to the programming world. TBN is growing fast, and is expected to become one of the largest strictly BASIC websites on the Internet. Stop by and see it for yourself!

News submitted by: Nekrophidius
Thanks for posting this wildcard! Big Grin The admin staff and I hope everyone enjoys what we have done with TBN. Wink - Done! Smile Ask about our hosting Wink

-Goddess of the of the No More Religion Threads movement Smile

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