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#define qbnews_down_again TRUE
OK, Wilcard, you told me to post if there was any more downtime...
For about 2 hours this morning, I couldn't access or directly. On it says that in sqlaccess.php there are too many connections to the mySQL database, so it couldn't connect, on mysql_connect().
On it simply said that there was a mySQL error, and could not connect to the database.
f only life let you press CTRL-Z.
Freebasic is like QB, except it doesn't suck.
I got a php database error, could not access database. - Done! Smile Ask about our hosting Wink

-Goddess of the of the No More Religion Threads movement Smile
I'm thinking that there was just some sort of problem with MySQL on the server itself. One of my sites ( ) experienced the exact same problem as QbasicNews (both sites are currently hosted on the same server). So... that being said... it wasn't just an issue with this site. Wink
yayyyyy flingy i...i was so scared!!! Tongue

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