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Sure looks like that =P.
Yeah, it would look far too tacky... big, blocky menus and horrid blue colours...
Hey, no need to insult QB's IDE =P
Well for me I changed the default colours. I prefer black/white, easier reading but would be quite boring for a skin.. maybe not if done well.
Well, I've finished my first ever template for phpBB.

It started as a phpBB2.2 clone, then Zack's chant reminded me... and in the process the "qb theme" got washed away Wink

But still, what are your guys thoughts? Should it be installed here?
It has too little contrast. It is hard to read in old monitors and portables Sad It looks good, but I'd raise contrast.
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Yea! Its good, but it would be all spoiled if it had the QbasicNews logo in it.. so if you could implement it with out the logo, or maybe have a new logo without the black background.... it looks great!
Very nice indeed. As nath said you need a bit more of a contrast. Also while ur at it add some pastel shades(lime, skyblue etc...) to it. All the b/w color reminds me of my old TV =P.
Thanks for your feedback guys Smile

People also didn't like the images so much, so I'm gonna change them in the next version - and I'll raise the contrast Smile
It's installed here now. Just go to your profile Wink

The new version will be a while, but I'll update subOracle here when I've finished the new version.

[edit] could somebody make a grey version of the QBnews logo? I suck at art...

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