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Qbasic Problem
Hi I just started getting interested into learning Qbasic few days ago and decided to register to this forum :king:
anyways I have been doing a lot of reading but no actual coding because I have Windows XP Pro and it doesnt come with DOS or QBasic. Now is there a way around this besides going shopping and looking for a really old computer that I can install Windows 95 on.
I noticed that when I tried running someones game it opened the games source code instead of the game inside Visual Basic 6.0. When I clicked on run program the line that said Screen 12 was highlighted which was obvious since the graphics arnt supported in the mode I was in. Anyways the point is does this mean that qbasic works with Visual Basic 6.0 somehow or its just that Visual Basic recognised the code and opened it. Im sure there are more people who have been in my situation so some help would be appreciated.
I look forward to talking with everyone here and hopefully learning Qbasic and making some games.
Well, Visual Basic associates BAS files to itself, like MS Word associates DOC files to itself. That means that if you double click a BAS file it will open in Visual Basic, nothing more. QB is not fully compatible with VB so hence the error.

You can download any QB version at my site: . They all work in Windows XP. I recommend getting v. 4.5 as it is the most supported, but PDS 7.1 or VBDOS 1.0 are way better. QBasic 1.1 (the one who comes with MSDOS/Windows 9X) is just a ripped off and slowed down version of QB 4.5 without the compiler, so it just can run BAS files but not produce EXE files (executables).
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Thanks a lot for the help!!!
Why are the other 2 better? Should I get 1 of those 2 instead of the one you reccomended?
i dont know why they are better but i would use 4.5 becusae most people here use it (like i)
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PDS and VBDOS add lots of features to the language, to the compiler and to the linker.

PDS 7.1 includes new keywords and more functionality to user defined data structures (TYPES): you can create arrays inside records, for example. The compiler now generates 80286/80287 code (QB 4.5 and older generated 8086/8087 code), is able to store strings in far memory (older versions stored it in the near data segment, so it was more bloated and "easily fillable") and some more things, and the linker is able to make overlays that break the 640Kb barrier for MSDOS programs allowing EXE files up to 16 Megs in size.

VBDOS also features the VB-like style of coding (but you can always code a normal QB program) with forms and events, adds more data types and language features and more. Its compiler can generate 80386 code as well.

Despite of this, most people use QB45 'cause it was the most easily found on the internet some years ago, so first gurus grew around it, first libraries were developed for it and it became the processor of choice. Two or three years ago PDS and later VBDOS became easier to find and get (QB is 1 meg and VBDOS is around 9, so guess why), but the QB community was so accustomed to QB45. Nowadays more and more people are changing. I use QB45 maily 'cause the PDS IDE doesn't like my keyboard. That's not a excuse 'cause I could use another IDE. Anyhow, I use PDS or VBDOS to compile some of my programs when they are finished and I just have to change some stuff just to take advantage of the extended functionality.
SCUMM (the band) on Myspace!
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