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News Update on the QBNews Section
The News section can now only be posted to by moderators, so if you have any news you can PM, email or post the news here.

You can now also submit news using the form at
That sucks.
That ain't funny indeed :normal:
It is to stop people posting to the wrong and to stop other problems. I'm working on a moderating mod to the forum and then anyone can post the news but a moderator just has to click a button before it is shown to everyone. So it will be like it was before except moderation will be before the post not after.
I think it's a good idea, as long as the moderators frequently checks the news posts so the qbasic communinty gets new and fresh news frequently.

I understand why you choose to make it like this. I've also seen that there has been alot of "wrong-placed-posts" and HUGE images attached...

Guess this is the best thing to do :king:
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"Some men get the world, other men get ex hookers and a trip to Arizona."
Yeah, I was also thinking of adding a site's updated box where anyone can enter in a url and then someone from can go check the site and post news as some people don't like to post it here or I miss it.
Good idea! Then you guys (who visits the websites that has check the box "Website Updated") can decide weither the update is interesting and "worthy" to be placed at the qbasic news's NEWS section 8)
[Image: jocke.gif]
"Some men get the world, other men get ex hookers and a trip to Arizona."
Lovely Pressure update. Lovely Pressure

fun fact: if spelled with japanese characters, it can also be read as "rubbery pleasure". =\
go to and see if they have any mods like what your talking about above I am sure they have something there to install that will save a lot of work and will be fast to implament.
Michael Doise
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I've searched the phpBB mods and I've never found anything like what we have now, which is fine Smile

I'm sure wildcard has forgotten he's even supposed to be making a mod :lol:

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