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News Posters Mod now operational
I've finally made the news posters mod compatible with the convorted system that gets the news on the home page, so anyone can now post news in this forum, and selected "news moderators" can approve the post for display if it's appropriate news.

Thanks go to Zack (who got me off my arse), na_th (for the idea), and you others who posted test posts, including the successful case (Plasma).

Rules for posting news
  • Any registered member may post news. Please keep the tone of the news formal, without spelling mistakes/punctuation errors where possible (though the moderators will check your posts also). Posting spam and other such rubbish will lead to a warning.
  • Your news will (should) be validated for posting within 24 hours, and maybe even shorter based on the number of moderators. If it takes longer than that, PM an administrator (me, wildcard, fling or dav) and we'll validate it.
  • If your post is not considered as news that should be posted for some reason, an administrator will post in the thread with the reason why it isn't able to be posted. Alternatively, your post may be moved to a different forum. Posts that are not accepted and are not moved will be trashed (not deleted) after a certain amount of time, or until you see the message, which ever is sooner. If you don't like the decision made, PM an admin and they will reconsider your post.

Questions? Complaints? Ask in this thread.

Also, we need news moderators. Anyone up for the job should post in this thread. We'll only accept a few as needed, and those accepted will have been because (among other things) they come here regularly and have good spelling/grammar techniques (as such, if you've worked on the WIKI you're a good candidate). Post in this thread if you want a place.

Hopefully, this will be the end of people complaining about the news Smile
Will offer my services as I come here quite a few times a day to check news and would love to be able to see it and post it at my site also. Of course, no problem if I'm not accepted either (I'll just give you funny ranks at qbtk :lol: )
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Yeah, count me in. I am a Spanisho speakero, but I'll do my best Tongue
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I'll be glad to help, if you want me to.

If you don't *sharpens knife, loads shotgun*... 8)
I visit this site about ten times a day... so I could probably be able to lend a hand or two with allowing news displays..
I load the main page about 55 times a day. :wink:
If you need someone. Not to push myself into it, or try to muscle in or anything, though. :wink:
f only life let you press CTRL-Z.
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I've already got a couple of people, if we need more in the future I'll get them from you guys above Wink
I'm online very often around GMT+1 14.00 h. Smile I load the main page about 50 times per day.
I don't come here as regularly as I used to due to time restraints but I still come by frequently. My spelling and grammar are virtually impeccable as anyone can see from my posting style, I've worked on a couple of Master's theses in English and several other Master's theses requiring perfect English usage. I'll offer my services if you're interested.
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