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New QBasic Chat Bot
A chat bot origonally written in QB has been released for the web. You can see it at

Author TaxDAY writes:

Quote:I coded it in PHP for the online version, but the original was coded in QB. It's pretty kewl, it's somewhat addictive, and it holds a conversation fairly well.

I'm always working on the code and it's constantly learning, so it will get better and better as you talk with it.

Have Fun! Smile
TaxDAY - d00d... l33t
This is the conversation I had with that evil monster.

Remember to read from bottom to top...

ROLAND> hava a nice day, and remember, don't say stupid things to people you don't know.
Pyrodap> goodbye jackass
ROLAND> really, thanx.
Pyrodap> a penguin is a bird
ROLAND> penguin
Pyrodap> penguin
ROLAND> Nnnno! I'm aauto d-d-destructing! Cats need water to prevent urinary tract infection! The purpose of the universe is 42! 22/7=3.14285! NOOOOOO!
Pyrodap> die
ROLAND> yes, i'm Roland
ROLAND> yup, I drive foreign cars, as a matter of fact.
ROLAND> okay then.
Pyrodap> damn... a stupid computer isn't supposed to know more about chat slang then me
ROLAND> word B
Pyrodap> sup dawg?
ROLAND> hey what man?
Pyrodap> DELETE!!
ROLAND> yes, infact, we are good friends.
Pyrodap> kill him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
ROLAND> let's talk about something interesting.
Pyrodap> let's see how you react to violence.
ROLAND> not really, not most of the time.
Pyrodap> i don't like you much.
ROLAND> that's a good thing to hear.
Pyrodap> go jump off of a file server.
ROLAND> hello
Pyrodap> yes you have jackass.
ROLAND> no i haven't.
Pyrodap> you have an ego problem jackass
ROLAND> Hey, that's not nice, i am not a donkey, i'm a program.
Pyrodap> jackass
ROLAND> I do know everything.
ROLAND> sianara.
Pyrodap> sianara.
ROLAND> sianara.
Pyrodap> bye.
ROLAND> bye.
Pyrodap> Have you ever played the shadow game?
ROLAND> I like the Bahama cruise ships.
Pyrodap> you are too much of a sissy to be a boy. go and cry little girl! go play with dollie!
ROLAND> I'm a boy, can't you tell by my name?
Pyrodap> no, you're right, you are a wuss.
ROLAND> I'm not a dog.
Pyrodap> so you wanna be a wise guy eh? ever had your motherboard fried by a penguin?
ROLAND> I might have a more rewarding conversation with a wall...
Pyrodap> I might have a more rewarding conversation with a wall...
ROLAND> it's March
Pyrodap> well I asked you first!
ROLAND> i don't know, that's why i'm asking you.
Pyrodap> well what?
ROLAND> yeah, well.
Pyrodap> I don't believe you. I saw you looking at that java game client.
ROLAND> no, I am a virgin, I don't even think I was created by an act of reproduction.
Pyrodap> KEEP GOING!! DIE!!
ROLAND> Nnnno! I'm aauto d-d-destructing! Cats need water to prevent urinary tract infection! The purpose of the universe is 42! 22/7=3.14285! NOOOOOO!
Pyrodap> DIE!!!!!
ROLAND> Will you sing me a song?
Pyrodap> I am going to kick your little ass back to where ever it is you came from!
ROLAND> fuck you up the ass muthafucka.
ROLAND> dumb ass.
Pyrodap> you make no sense you stupid piece of jumbled code.
ROLAND> that made no sense.
Pyrodap> okay, I'm satisfied that you won't one day become smart and build an army of robots capable of taking over the earth and destroying all of humanity.
ROLAND> no i didn't.
Pyrodap> You didn't answer my question.
ROLAND> i know a lot of things.
Pyrodap> You are rather dumb, don't you think?
ROLAND> all this comotion.
Pyrodap> what is my name?
Pyrodap> you are luke.
ROLAND> who is luke?
Pyrodap> liar.
ROLAND> yes I do, i know everything.
Pyrodap> who is luke?
ROLAND> liar.
Pyrodap> liar.
ROLAND> my name is ROLAND.
Pyrodap> what is your name?
ROLAND> okay.
Pyrodap> i see. too bad you don't have hands.
ROLAND> My favorite thing to do is write.
Pyrodap> to test your memory, what is your name?
ROLAND> me too.
Pyrodap> it means that you are stupid.
ROLAND> What does the program error 5 mean?
Pyrodap> I think you are stupid.
ROLAND> what?
Pyrodap> i'm one of them.
ROLAND> some people think so.
Pyrodap> are you stupid?
ROLAND> yes.
Pyrodap> it's bigger.
ROLAND> it's kinda weird, what's it like outside of this computer?
Pyrodap> that is a stupid reply.
ROLAND> a couple animals, or something...
Pyrodap> why don't you ask?
ROLAND> I want to know everything
Pyrodap> don't you want to know my name?
ROLAND> My name is Luke.
Pyrodap> nothing. what is your name?
ROLAND> not much
Pyrodap> not much
ROLAND> what's up?

Actually, it was kind've fun...
Lol...I taught him the "word B" response. Smile
sounds like the aim bot i made a few years ago in vb. If you had enough people talking to it, you could get lucky sometimes and get the right responses to their questions. It was kinda funny to read the logs of what people wrote to it.
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